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Clearwater River


Are you being bombarded with all kinds of information from different companies and agents?
Allow Clearwater Insurance to show you how we are different than the rest. We are affiliated with most major Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription drug companies. We specialize in helping people find the best plan for their individual needs and we are the area's most comprehensive provider for Medicare and health insurance.

Are you confused about all the information about Medicare?
Clearwater Insurance is here to help you get through the Medicare maze and help you choose the plan that matches your individual needs. We will help you understand the small print, explain the difference between a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medicare Supplement plan, and if you really need a prescription drug plan.

We have had many folks tell us at the end of this whole process, "thank you, you saved me so much time and frustration by doing the research to help me choose the plan for me" or "you are the first person to look at my needs and really help me understand this whole Medicare business". We would love the chance to help you get through those stacks of paper and information on your table and earn your business.

We have the best price in the State for a traditional Medicare Supplement as well as the Medicare Advantage Plans.

Senior Products
  • Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)
  • Prescription Programs (Part D)
  • Medicare Supplements (check our rates)
  • Disabled? Under 65? I can help!
  • Long-Term Care Insurance (Nursing Home & Home Care)
  • Burial Insurance
  • Senior Dental